Audio Capture using Huelix Audio Recorder - Screen Shots

Audio Recording - Ready mode Huelix Audio Recorder is ready to record audio. Note the state of the record and playback controls.
Audio Recorder - Performing audio capture Huelix Audio Recorder is recording audio. Note the elapsed time display and the format description at the bottom.
Audio Recorder - Loaded captured audio and ready to play Huelix Audio Recorder finishes a recording session. Ready to playback the recorded file or start recording another clip.
Audio Recorder - Playing back audio Huelix Audio Recorder can automatically load the recorded audio file and play it. It can also play any supported external audio file. The screen shot shows a typical playback session.
Audio Recorder - Playing back selected protion of the audio Huelix Audio Recorder can select and playback parts of an audio file. You can select beyond the ends of the screen by holding the cursor near the edge for a moment at which point the window will automatically scroll. The length of the selection is shown just above the playback volume control.
Audio Recorder - Selecting the desired compression format Huelix Audio Recorder can directly capture audio in four widely used compression formats. The shot shows Ogg format being selected. Note the inactive tab that is names "OGG Settings", where you can control compression parameters.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the Windows Media Audio (WMA) compressor Huelix Audio Recorder extends full support for all facilities provided by the Windows Media Audio 9.0 and higher. We support Windows Media Professional code, lossless codec, voice codecs (ideal for voice recording), and low-bit rate ACELP.NET codec apart from the general purpose Windows Media Audio 9.0/9.1 codecs. The description below the selected codec provides a brief overview.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the MPEG Layer3 (MP3) compressor Huelix Audio Recorder includes complete support for the most popular MP3 format. There are a wide range of options to record and compress your music from various legacy devices. You can transfer the recorded files to your favorite portable recorder.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the Ogg-Vorbis (Ogg) compressor Huelix Audio Recorder supports the emerging open and high quality audio compression format, Ogg-Vorbis. Ogg compressors provide extremely good compression and excellent audio quality.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the Waveform Audio (WAV) format When you need to have a very portable format for archival or burning to an audio CD, the WAV format is the ideal choice. Huelix Audio Recorder has full support uncompressed and compressed WAV audio formats.
Audio Recorder - Configuring your audio hardware (sound card) You can make use of all audio hardware devices installed and available on your system and make full use of their potential. The screen shows how to select the actual hardware device (on the left), the audio port (the speaker output - Stereo Mix - shown in picture), and adjust the recording volume. Also note the inactive tab ("Device Settings") that allows further fine-tuning, where desired.
Audio Recorder - Getting the most out of your audio hardware (sound card) Huelix Audio Recorder exploits the full facilities offered by your audio hardware. You can adjust the sampling frequency, sample size, number of channels, and audio buffer latency to control audio recording minutely.
Audio Recorder - Manages audio file names intelligently Huelix Audio Recorder ensures that managing filenames does not get in the way of the core functionality - audio recording. You can let the application manage file names without causing overwrites and tedious file naming. Just supply a template and forget about it.
Audio Recorder - Preview audio from the port - microphones, line-in etc When Huelix Audio Recorder is ready to record or is recording, it can optionally redirect the sound to the speakers so you can hear what is being recorded. This lets you adjust your microphone or line-in volume so as to get the best recording quality. The delay in preview can be controlled.
Audio Recorder - Intuitive user interface guides you completely Extensive tool tip support in the configuration dialogs and the main screen lets you get started with Huelix Audio Recorder immediately. You rarely need to read more detailed documentation like the Help file. The software can also check and notify you of any available updates.

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