Huelix Audio Converter - Audio Format Converter for Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000)

Huelix Audio Converter is a powerful yet easy-to-use Windows® application to convert your audio between various formats. It supports high quality and fast conversions between MPEG Layer 3 (MP3), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Ogg-Vorbis Audio (OGG), and Microsoft® WAV formats. You can get started with zero configuration but the application allows you tweak the export formats completely if you so desire.

You will never again have to settle for an audio format that isn't just right for your application. Huelix Audio Converter unleashes the full power of MP3 format, supports the entire spectrum Windows Media Audio codecs, exposes the nuances of Ogg-Vorbis compression, and offers the conveniences of the portable WAV format.

  • Archive music and other high quality audio content with a variety of export formats that offer extremely high quality while offering compression, such as the Windows Media Professional or Lossless codecs.
  • Convert WAV files into MP3 or WMA to transfer to you portable audio players such as the iPOD or Zen.
  • Save and recall conversion sessions for unmatched convenience while converting large number of files for a variety of applications.
  • Supports all major industry standard audio formats - Windows Media® audio; (WMA), mp3 (MP3), Ogg-Vorbis (OGG), and Microsoft® WAV (WAV)
  • Manage audio files in the application without ever leaving the interface - be it playing files, adding files, removing files, marking them for conversion, and so on.
  • Information and error messages are sent to the log window on the main interface. Responding to these messages does not force you top dismiss a large number of message prompts.
  • Intelligent play-list management ensures that you have an uninterrupted listening experience even when files are being converted.
  • Intelligent and flexible export file management for hands-free and uninterrupted conversion.
  • Control and tweak each audio compression format minutely to get results the way you want. Choose defaults if you are not so inclined.
  • Full tooltip support guides you through the application smoothly, without needing to refer to the manual all the time.
  • Enjoy unmatched ease-of-use with drag-and-drop file addition, sound alerts, diverse progress updates, complete menu and shortcut support, and more.

Try it out yourself - download the trial version right now! Get started in minutes by following this quick start tutorial.


Convert audio between WMA, MP3, OGG, and WAV formats with Huelix Audio Converter

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