The Friendly Audio Format Converter - Huelix Audio Converter - Screen Shots

Audio Recording - Ready mode Huelix Audio Converter main screen. It is specifically designed to perform all operations from the main screen. You will rarely need to dismiss various message prompts that are either informational or about errors. The application is running under Windows® Vista.
Audio Recorder - Performing audio capture Huelix Audio Converter is converting audio. Note the individual progress bar as well as the batch progress, the latter being displayed on the status bar. The application is running under Windows® Vista.
Audio Recorder - Loaded captured audio and ready to play A number of audio clips of different formats added to the Huelix Audio Converter file list. Notice how the application is ready to convert audio format to WMA and play files, if desired. Also note that only some files are checked - that is selected for conversion. The application now adapts to the Olive Windows® XP scheme.
Audio Recorder - Playing back audio Huelix Audio Converter is converting several files of various formats into WMA (Professional codec). Again notice the progress indicators and that the Cancel toolbar button is active. The application nicely blends with the default Blue Windows® XP scheme.
Audio Recorder - Playing back selected protion of the audio It is important to manage file names for exported files to be handled automatically. Huelix Audio Converter makes it easy to select a target folder for exported files and name them flexibly.
Audio Recorder - Selecting the desired compression format An unique feature of Huelix Audio Converter is the log window on the main screen (The bottom window in the above screen shots). Many similar applications pops up a dialog box to display, information, progress, and error messages (which have to be manually dismissed each time). Huelix Converter, sends these messages to the log window and continues batch conversion as far as it can. This improves the user experience tremendously. You can configure logging according to your taste.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the Windows Media Audio (WMA) compressor Converting audio to a particular audio format is very simple. Just select the appropriate radio button from the group, as shown in the screen capture to the left. The details of the format is displayed on the right hand side of the main screen. If you so desire, you can further fine tune the default parameters in minute detail. Huelix Audio Converter offers the best compression support among similar applications.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the MPEG Layer3 (MP3) compressor For example, the complete configuration options available for the conversion to the popular MP3 audio format, is shown to the left. As you can see Huelix Audio Converter offers complete support for creating MP3 audio content for virtually any application that you have in mind. You can transfer the converted music files to your favorite portable audio player, create an MP3 audio-book, and so on.
Audio Recorder - Configuring your audio hardware (sound card) Huelix Audio Converter supports the entire range of Windows Media Audio (WMA) codecs. This includes the general purpose Windows Media Audio 9 codec, the high quality Windows Media Professional codec, the Windows Media Lossless codec for compression without any loss of quality, and the Windows Media Voice codec. The entire range of formats supported by each of these codecs are also exposed compactly. In short, you can convert any audio format into WMA suitable for the specific application or usage scenario that you have in mind.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the Ogg-Vorbis (Ogg) compressor Huelix Audio Converter supports the emerging open and high quality audio compression format, Ogg-Vorbis. The Vorbis audio encoder provides extremely good compression and excellent audio quality. Huelix Audio Converter exposes fine control over the Ogg encoding process, in both bitrate-based and quality-based modes.
Audio Recorder - Fine-tuning the Waveform Audio (WAV) format When you need to have a very portable format for archival or burning to an audio CD, the WAV format is the ideal choice. Huelix Audio Converter has full support uncompressed and compressed WAV audio formats.
Audio Recorder - Intuitive user interface guides you completely Extensive tooltip support (text prompts that appear when you hoer the mouse over a field) in the configuration dialogs and the main screen lets you get started with Huelix Audio Converter immediately. You rarely need to read more detailed documentation like the Help file. Coupled with the log window, complete menu and shortcut support, and support for session persistence, Huelix Audio Converter stands out.

Huelix Audio Converter - Capture audio in WMA, MP3, Ogg, and WAV formats in your PC

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