Convert Sound Formats Easily and Accurately with Huelix Audio Converter

Huelix Audio Converter is a powerful yet easy to use Windows® software for converting sound formats (audio formats) between industry standard formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV. It is amazingly quick, offers extremely flexible format configuration unseen in its competition, and the user interface is thoroughly designed. If you would like to purchase bulk licenses that are significantly more than those offered on the website, please contact us.

Commercial Enquiries

Please send email to sales at (replace "at" by "@", removing spaces) for commercial and partner enquiries regarding Huelix Audio Converter. Please include "Huelix Audio Converter" somewhere in the subject line. We offer attractive commissions for affiliates.

Multiple User Licenses

You can purchase one, three, and five user licenses for Huelix Audio Converter directly from the order page. Mix and match the licenses and qualities to buy the required number of licenses.

For site-wide or organization-wide licenses, please contact us  by mail.

Trial Version Hosting

You are free to host the trial version on your download site without permission from Huelix Solutions. You should, however, link back to this website clearly indicating Huelix Solutions as the author of the software. It'd be great if you could send us a mail if you do host us so that we could inform you when there are software updates.

If you host shareware or trial programs and make use of a PAD-based system, here is the Huelix Audio Converter PAD file. The PAD file should not be altered in any manner.

Huelix Audio Converter - Capture audio in WMA, MP3, OGG, and WAV formats in your PC

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