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Software Consulting and Custom Software Development

Huelix Solutions provides software consulting and custom software development services to a wide range of industries. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge, cost-effective, and value-added software solutions. Whether you are a large organization or a small business, we have something to offer. We have competency in high technology products and solutions as well as mainstream software development. We help you to deliver your products faster and within budget, without compromising quality.

We deal with the Microsoft™ Windows™ applications for the desktop and enterprise as well as Linux based solutions. We also undertake development for devices such as the Pocket PC, mobile phones and specialized Windows CE (and Windows CE.NET) devices. The services are not limited to complete products or new products: we can deliver high-quality libraries, modules and porting across Windows and Linux.

A Wide Spectrum of Consulting Services

A brief overview of the range of services we can provide is presented below.

  • Microsoft™ Windows™ desktop applications
  • Microsoft™ .NET applications
  • High-technology digital audio and video
  • Microsoft™ Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) and Smart Phone
  • Microsoft™ Windows CE and Windows CE.NET applications
  • Enterprise application integration with the back office, database, desktop, and mobile clients such as the PDA and mobile phones.
  • Data mining and artificial intelligence
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Linux based and hybrid applications

Overview of Consulting Services

Huelix Solutions is a computer software consultancy with a difference. We consult for a wide variety of industries, big or small, backed by valuable high-technology and software engineering skills and experience.

Huelix offers consultancy to clients all over the world. We deal with design and implementation of new products, software modules and libraries, on the Windows PC, embedded, mobile and Linux platforms.

We guarantee high standards of workmanship that immediately translates to greater value and higher profits for the clients. We hold an edge in our engineering and technical ability, making us especially suitable for high-technology industries.

Throw in equally impressive software engineering skills, we form a potent partner for your consulting needs.

The folks at Huelix are industry hardened veterans who have lead the development of internationally acclaimed software products. We bring all those skills and experience to our customers. For more details about our competencies see the Expertise section.

Having the technical ability is one thing; doing business over the Internet can be a frustrating experience for all. Huelix is committed to conducting business in a very professional and ethical manner with uncompromising integirty.

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